Vive9 new skin : Abbey

Hey everyone :)

ok i’m a little bit late  on that one. I’ve been meaning to blog about that skin for days but I’ve been so soo busy in RL!
Anyway, as you may all know, Sanya & Inna from Vive9 recently released a new skin which I love so much : Abbey.
The skin was modeled after the beautiful Abbey Lee Kershaw. It’s very well done and really looks like her.

Abbey is one of my favorite skin from Vive9! I can’t take it off…
Enough talking, here are some pics.

Abbey is available in 5 skintones : sunbleach, peach, sundew, tan and bean.

Each skin has 2 packs to choose from.

One is a all naturals pack. It has 2 eyebrow options, teeth included, hairbase tattoo, also there are gloss and matte lip versions.

The other is a lipsticks pack. There are 5 lipstick colors with matte and lipgloss options. Hairbases included, teeth tattoo, and 2 eyebrow options as well.

Vive9 also released makeup tattoo layers. You can buy them seperatly or choose the fatpacks <3



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