LoQ Hairs new releases!

Left :    LoQ Hairs Baileys – Brown
Right : LoQ Hairs Tequila – Black

LoQ Hairs Grappa Pieva – Blonde

LoQ Hairs Brownie – Brown – TDR Blue Exclusive!


  1. Hello Estrella! I do not want to bother you, just tell you I love your fashion blog. Every day I look at it. All clothing is beautiful, and the photos are great! :) I have a fashion blog too. I would like you to see my blog, and if you want, we could get in the “blogroll”. I would be happy at that! A hug from Spain!! :)))


    • awww thank you so much for your sweet comment, Anne! You’ve totally made my day <3 and nooo, you don't bother me!!!
      I've added your blog to my blogroll :)
      thank youuu again! muahh <3<3

  2. Thank you very much!!!!! You are so nice :))) You are in my blogroll too =D
    Thanks again!!!! Muahhhh!! ^^

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